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This website offers supplementary resources for the project Scribes of the Cairo Geniza

Scribes of the Cairo Geniza aims to sort and transcribe Cairo Geniza fragments using new technological approaches in partnership with a community of citizen humanists using the Zooniverse platform.

Project Resources

What is Scribes of the Cairo Geniza?

Scribes of the Cairo Geniza is a project with the ultimate goal of transcribing Cairo Geniza fragments. With an in-kind grant from the Zooniverse, the largest crowdsourcing platform in the world, along with institutional and image partners from The University of Pennsylvania Libraries, The Princeton Geniza Lab, The e-Lijah Lab and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research of the Cairo Genizah at the University of Haifa, the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary, the Genizah Research Unit at Cambridge University Library, The University of Manchester Library, Columbia University Libraries, and The Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford, we are harnessing the power of technology to decipher some of the most difficult to read fragments in the world. Read More