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In this series, we take a deep dive into the Talk boards tags to look at how volunteers classify the fragments. You can read an overview of our Talk boards tags in the Sorting Phase Data review.

Angel names have been typically tagged on amulets or magical texts. The presence of angel names in Geniza fragments is fairly common — 37 subjects have been tagged with the term or variations of it.

One volunteer tagged the figure on the left as an #angel— others thought it looked more demonic than angelic! Subject 12602020: ENA NS 12.21, Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary

Secular poetry is written on the verso, but the recto of this fragment features #angel_name. Subject 11609682: ENA 2627.4, Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary

Another #angel_name listed here, on a fragment with instructions for magic spells and practices for various purposes. Subject 21715349: T-S NS 317.18, Genizah Research Unit, Cambridge University Library.

Destinies? Drawing? Researchers aren’t sure what to make of this fragment, thought one volunteer tagged the arranged dots and dashes as #angelicalphabet. Subject 12499399: ENA 657.3, Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary

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