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In this series, we take a deep dive into the Talk boards tags to look at how volunteers classify the fragments. You can read an overview of our Talk boards tags in the Sorting Phase Data review.

The Jewish calendar is based on astronomical phenomena: namely lunar and solar revolutions. 31 subjects have been tagged as calendars so far — many of them are notable by the grid/box structure.

Here is a calendar in the form of a list for the year AM 2009 (~1138 CE). Subject 12512063: ENA 4011.68, Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary

There is some confusion on the date for this Arab-Jewish calendar, whether it’s AM 5402 (~1642 CE) or AM 5424 (~1663 CE). Subject 12603243: ENA NS 47.8, Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary

In the collection of Geniza fragments at The University of Manchester Library, many calendar subjects have these red-outlined boxes filled with text. Subject 30739191: A 913, The University of Manchester Library

We featured this fragment on Instagram, a colorful calendar for AM 5489 (1729 CE). Volunteer, @Chavi-NY found that each section has the name of the month in red ink and the time of the “birth” of the new moon (molad) in black ink. (You can view the collection volunteers have tagged as #rylands1774_calendars.) Subject 30296596: Archive GN 1774/16, The University of Manchester Library

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