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In this series, we take a deep dive into the Talk boards tags to look at how volunteers classify the fragments. You can read an overview of our Talk boards tags in the Sorting Phase Data review.

A _get_is a divorce document, which terminates a marriage and allows the couple to remarry under Jewish law. Like a ketubah, it is written from the husband to the wife, signed by witnesses, and may include specific text related to the divorcing couple. Written by an expert scribe, it would be signed in the presence of the _beit din (_Jewish court.) You can read the text of a get here.

There have been 4 tagged subjects as #get, but only two have been confirmed.

In this unsigned get, ‘Aziz ha-Levi b. Gan?’im of unknown hometown and Muwaffaqiya bat Joseph ha-Levi from Fustat were to be divorced. It’s dated Nisan 1581 of the Seleucid era (1270 CE). Subject 21708926: Mosserri VII.21.1, Genizah Research Unit, Cambridge University Library

The top document in this image is a get, likely dated 1489–1584 CE. Subject 12603452: ENA NS 53, Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary

A volunteer noted that a get is mentioned in Subject 11612589, but not that the subject itself is a get. Other sources identify it as piyyutim or biblical commentary. Subject 11612589: ENA 2864, Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary

In here the fragment on the left has been identified as a get — it featured the 12 lines and 2 witness signatures at the bottom. Subject 30296285: Archive GN 1636/22, The University of Manchester Library

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