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In this series we honor the contributions made on the Zooniverse Talk boards for our project, Scribes of the Cairo Geniza. Talk is a way for citizen scientists on Zooniverse to converse with one another and experts on the different material they are working on, ask questions, and explore new insights. Each week we will feature a talk conversation that we love. Thanks for the participation #genizascribes!

Subject 30752434: G 16–1, G 16–2, The University of Manchester Library

@Mel-Audentia: #arabic Maybe #math on page 2?

@citsci-rancho: #hebrewscript , according to the Library note on this interesting fragment. Many examples of #line_above_word on both sides. @researchers are these names of real people, titles, #angel_name (s) or what?

@veredrk: Mainly #angel_name . And some #kabbalistic Sefirot (spheres) and other divine names.

@lmeiselman: What appears to be angelic denominations on the lefthand stack and sefirot on the right, with other divine names mentioned as well.

@covis: a short passage (last lines before the angel lists start) can be found in Sefer Brit Menuha (14th c.) but donno when to date the fragment… in general it reminds me of #Gikatilla who has similar lists of correspondencies between angelic names and the Sefirot names as they became common in the high middle ages

@citsci-rancho: Thank you, @veredrk, @Chavi-NY , @Imeiselman and @covis! I’m glad to know more about this interesting-looking item.

@citsci-rancho: For me, this is a great example of how much the comments of our project experts and skilled volunteers enrich the experience of working on the Scribes project. Gikatilla? The Sefer Brit Menuha? Totally new to me, and now I’ve learned a bit about both.

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By Judaica DH at the Penn Libraries on March 19, 2019.

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