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Blog //Talking the Talk: A Rosh HaShanah Seder

In this series we honor the contributions made on the Zooniverse Talk boards for our project,Scribes of the Cairo Geniza. Talk is a way for citizen scientists on Zooniverse to converse with one another and experts on the different material they are working on, ask questions, and explore new insights. Each week we will feature a talk conversation that we love. Thanks for the participation #genizascribes!

One of our moderators @noamsienna writes: “Wow! This is the #liturgy for the ‘seder’ (ritual meal) of the evening of Rosh haShana, where different symbolic foods are eaten to represent wishes for the new year… This page has the blessings for leeks, beets, dates, pomegranates, squash, beans, and a sheep’s head. And I’m pretty sure the words for the foods are in #judeo-persian — I can find most of them (khorma = dates, anar = pomegranate, kadu = summer squash) and I think the sentence at the bottom of the recto is also Judeo-Persian: “שוש כעסל זנד בגוייד”?”

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By Judaica DH at the Penn Libraries on September 14, 2017.

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